Monday, September 14, 2009

Too Much Rain!

Hello Readers,

What's with all this rain? Those of you new to South Florida must be wondering if you'll be needing an ark soon.

Don't worry- September's rain will soon give way to October sunshine and you won't need an ark and I won't need to cut my lawn every ten days. (I wanted my wife to do it but since she broke her arm, she's using that as an excuse not to. How convenient!)

I hope your past weeks here have gone well. I've seen a lot of happy students so far this term, looking great in their professional attire and excited about the start of school. Happy students means a happy chair, therefore, life is good for me.

So now you are thinking, "How are you doing, Dr. Seidman? What was your first week like?"

Thank you for asking. It was a bit hectic as a matter of fact. You probably weren't thinking of your classes but I was. It's important to me that you have the right teacher in your classes. It's important that your professor understand what your life is like and be as supportive and compassionate as possible. (It's also important that you laugh at our jokes so any help you can give us here would be greatly appreciated.)

That's all I have to say at this time. No, wait..there's one more thing. The Hopitality College is in Room 401. Please don't be a stranger. Come in and say hi. At the very least, introduce yourself to Shikira at our office desk.

In addition to teaching your classes, our job is to also make sure you have the best academic experience you possibly can.

Dr. Seidman

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